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- All products are quoted at NINH Décoration and sold upon the quoted price.
- Price is quoted excluding VAT.
- The quoted price takes effect at the quoted time. Price can be adjusted and updated in detail on price-quoted card and website in different period of time.

- NINH Décoration will support buyer with the arrangement of the transporrtation service, installation on demand.
- Transportation and installation fees are counted upon the actual. This fee can be settle separately or can be counted to invoice agreed at the time of transportation.
- NINH Décoration will NOT be responsible for any damage of products in the transportation process.

- Method of payment: 100% invoice value by cask or transfer before taking products out of the NINH.
- Incasse the buyer have order but does not receice products right at the transaction time, payment term is applied: 50% deposit at the time of purchase order, the balance will be settled before taking products out of the NINH. Method of payment: by cash or transfer.
- Once products are ordered and untill the delivery date, if the buyer do NOT receive them, NINH has the full right to use products as exhibition and sell to another buyer. Beyond the delivery time of 30 days if the buyer don't settle the balance and receive products, the purchase order is considered to be cancelled and the deposit will not be refunded accordingly.

- Receive order from the buyers.
- Set up invoice.
- Receive the buyers' settlement and other relating sub-costs if any.
- Check, pack and and release the products to the buyers.
- Get the buyers to have the signature on invoice, then give them the guarantee card and other related documents.
- Deliver products to the nominated transportation unit or to another agreement to protect the buyers' interest and NINH liability.
Buyer need to check products carefully before getting out of the NINH.

Buyer can order products via three channels:
- Order right at the showroom.
- Online order via the website: follow the guide at Order section , online salesman will receive the order.
- Order via the telephone/fax: the according salesman will receive the order.

NINH Décoration doesn't accept to exchange or pay back products in any circumstance right after completing the delivery and settlement
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